Company Membership

Company member


The Board of Directors may admit as Company Members any person or company  whose membership, in the opinion of the Board, would be beneficial to the ARAA .

The application and process for Company membership requires the company to complete a desktop audit of systems and proceedures in operations using the framework of AS4801.

Company members must abide by the Code of Conduct as issued by the ARAA utlizing industrial rope access techniques.

Company members have full membership entitlements, which includes access to all benefits and voting rights ( 1 per company and drop normally issued under the Director and the opportunity to nominate to represent the ARAA or for positions on committees and the Board. ARAA company membership entitles the company to promote the use of the ARAA logo and have web site permissions as outlined within the Membership categories listing.

Annual subscription fee for a company membership is A$1000.

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